13 juillet 2006

FACfr41c.ACR live in Paris

A CERTAIN RATIO playing live at MO'FO Festival [Mains d'Oeuvres, Saint Ouen] on 30.06.06.
This is their first gig in Paris in 15 years, the former being held at La Locomotive in 1991, when The Haçienda ruled the world, and came down here in Paris all the way from Manchester once a month, always packed with a live band and some great DJs. This monthly meeting between the two clubs was called Temperance Club. Some other great live moments included Northside, The Farm, The Inspiral Carpets and Peter Hook's Revenge. DJs were from The Haçienda and Factory Records, as well as A Guy called Gerald, 808 State, M People etc.
This particular night, two british autocars full of acid-freaks invaded the overcrowded french discotheque, baggy clothes and whistles in their [smiling] mouths ; the DJs were Dave Haslam and Mike Pickering, jeez how hot it was ! A groovy and crazy night to remember, indeed.
And then, during 15 vewy vewy long years, I only fantasized about seeing ACR live again. I missed them in 2002 at the Cannes Film Festival [they played a small gig during the 24 Hour Party People promo night] and then again in Lyon last year [for the Nuits Sonores 2005]. Thanks to the internet, i still could barely follow what was up with them, but, even if they're unanimously recognized as a major influential band [from Sonic Youth to Talking Heads] they never ever occupied the place they logically deserve.
Anyway here they are again, unified, powerful and funky as ever, with a brand new album ready to go. The gig, closing the excellent Mo'Fo festival, was rather short [exactly 1 hour long], here's an approximate set list :

Choir+Waterline /Do the Du / Flight / Way 2 Escape / I feel Lite / Wonder Y / Shack Up / Wild Party / Wanna B / Si Fir Mi.

ACR_Jez01 ACR_Jez02  ACR_DeniseJezTony01 DeniseJezTony02 ACR_Martin01 ACR_DojoMartin01 ACR_LiamTony01 ACR_DojoMartin02 ACR_JezTony01 ACR_JezTony02 ACR_JezTony03
ACR_DeniseDojoMartin01 ACR_DeniseDojoMartin02 ACR_DeniseJezLiamTony01 ACR_DeniseJezLiamTony02 ACR_DeniseJezLiamTony03

Robert Gil has some very nice pics from this gig HERE, on his awesome website.

Many Thanks to all band members, Denise, DoJo, Jez, Martin and Tony, cool and friendly.
And, as always, many kisses to the talented and sexy photographer !

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